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11 June 2014 @ 01:27 pm
Who is Jesus?  
I feel it fitting that any examination of Christian and church life should begin with the core of Christianity, viz, Christ.
Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah, the passover Lamb, sent by God to live a righteous life and die a death of sinners, so that taking on the sins of the whole world, He could pay the price for them, that we would be freed of our debt of sin.
Jesus is the Son of God and the Word of God, present with the Father from before the foundation of the world and slain for our sins before we'd even been created.
Jesus is the Lord of all Creation, set on the throne by God the Father, given rule and dominion and judgment of sin, having paid its penalty and seen first-hand the pain and suffering sin causes, both in His death on the cross and in His earthly ministry, where I'm sure He saw consequences of sin beyond what we normally think of. He knew people whose hearts had been broken, and He blessed them. Jesus is also the Great Physician, able to heal all injuries, all diseases, and all the suffering caused by sin.
Jesus is our intercessor, pleading on our behalf before the throne of the Father.
Jesus is alive, having been killed and then raised from the dead, that we might live also and reign with Him when He comes in glory of final victory.
Jesus is my Lord and my God.
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