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06 November 2014 @ 05:27 pm
Describing myself...  
How would you describe me to someone you wanted to introduce to me (particularly for romantic purposes)?
Maybe that's too broad, but if not, go ahead and comment. If it's too broad a question, maybe start with this:
Which of the following things would you mention, if you were summarizing me?

Amateur programmer
Enjoys intelligent conversation, good stories in any medium, and discussing ideas
Like people who are honest
Likes people who are balanced
Likes people who treat others (especially children) well
Man of mystery
Never goes out drinking
Enjoys a glass of wine with dinner, but doesn't consider that 'drinking'
Servant of Christ.
Tends to be reserved when meeting new people, but only shy at first
When around people he's gotten used to, doesn't act shy at all

Your help would be greatly appreciated.
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