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17 September 2017 @ 09:43 pm
HaZayin Nezer (The Olive Branch) Episode 1: Relationship types.  
Download the episode: http://lincolnsayger.com/olive/HZN01.mp3
Subscribe to the podcast: http://lincolnsayger.com/olive.xml (RSS feed)
In this first episode of the podcast, released 13 December, 2017, I discuss the different types of relationships, and some general guidance on improving them.

Some of the main ideas covered in this episode:
0:00 * Intro
0:33 * Why this matters
0:50 * Relationship types: Family
1:24 * Relationship types: General
1:40 * Relationship types: Romantic
1:50 * Improving our relationships:
2:05 * Follow the Golden Rule
2:20 * Listen
3:00 * Love is time
3:28 * Relationship types: Definitions
3:35 * Neighbor defined
4:15 * Colleague defined
4:36 * Acquaintance defined
5:09 * Boy/Girl-friend defined
5:42 * Fiance(e) defined
5:59 * Spouse defined
6:39 * Next up: Betrothal
6:46 * Kicker

I hope you enjoy this episode. This episode was produced with the support of my Patreon backers. To back this project, visit https://www.patreon.com/over2sd and click Become a Patron.

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