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The Reluctant Hermit
09 March 2013 @ 02:08 am
The feedback I've been getting is very helpful, and most of those questioned have liked this hierarchy the best, and I like it, too. So, this is what I'll be using, but I need to improve it. Any comments you can give me on this, especially the parts in bold, will be greatly appreciated.

Site MapsHome page: General introduction, etc?Philosophical ramblings?Proverbs and short musings? I've done this before and gotten no feedback...Writings





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Some part of my life representing the recent past, or provability. It includes objectivity, realism (as opposed to the surreal or fanciful), empiricism, and the hard sciences? I'm not quite sure what this will be, yet. I've had pages in the past devoted to English (common errors, etc.), but I didn't think I wanted to do another one, since nobody's shown any interest in these pages in the past. For that matter, hardly anyone has shown interest in the principles themselves, so I'm not sure that kind of page would be the best use of my time and space.Current interests


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The Reluctant Hermit
05 March 2013 @ 07:52 pm
I thought it might be time to set up a Web site for myself. I recently had someone ask for a sample of my Web design work, and I had to tell him that I no longer had a Web site, because my ISP stopped offering hosting. I think it would be good to be able to tell people, "Just type in myname.com", so I went looking around and picked out a couple of domain names and a hosting service.
But now I'm having trouble building my Web site. Not the technical stuff. I could do that almost in my sleep. I'm having trouble with the semantic structure and the content. That is, what sections to have and what to put in them.
See, I want my Web site, as all my other areas of life, to honor God, and I'm having trouble figuring out what to put on a personal site that will be both informative about me (for professional reasons) and honoring to God (for spiritual reasons). And therein lies the problem. Professional advancement and public relations is largely about getting people to look at you favorably by telling them what an awesome person you are and how competent you are at what you do and how valuable your goods and services are to them. On the other hand, honoring God is largely about not viewing yourself more highly than you ought to, as well as pointing men to God in all that you do.
I've been wrestling with this question for a couple of days, now, and I'm beginning to wonder if I can honor God in a Web site about myself at all without looking to some of my visitors as though I'm trying to puff myself up. And I have the added constraint that I don't want my site to duplicate something other sites (topical sites) are already doing, and doing better than I could possibly do.
So, I'm left wondering what to put on a Web site with the URL of myself.com. I think if I just put up a pile of stuff I've done (code repositories, pages of writing, etc., it'll be both boring and impersonal. But I'm afraid that if I put up lots of stuff about myself broken down into various life areas, I'll be glorifying myself more than God.
I don't know what to do.
Any suggestions?


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  • Some part of my life representing the recent past, or provability. It includes objectivity, realism (as opposed to the surreal or fanciful), empiricism, and the hard sciences?

  • Current interests

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    • Other interest tracking pages (MAL, etc)

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    • Not sure what else can go here that wouldn't be just tooting my own horn

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Style 5

Open for suggestions. What have I left out of the other options? Is there a better way to organize the information?

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The Reluctant Hermit
07 January 2013 @ 02:24 pm
I've been thinking about writing a little bit here about some of the anime shows I've watched. I've put it off repeatedly, because I've been having a hard time deciding how to start out on it. So, instead of doing it perfectly, I'm going to just do it and see how it goes.
Back when I was active on the #Christian_singles IRC channel, one of my friends mentioned that I remind her, in some ways, of one of the characters in Fruits Basket. I can't remember which friend it was, and I'm not too sure of which character, though I think it was Sohma Shigure, the writer. Some time later, I looked up the show and watched part of an episode (dubbed) that was available on the distributor's Web site. I didn't get a very good feel for what type of show it was, and I didn't have the money to buy the DVDs to find out. After a while, I forgot about it.
But about two or three years ago, someone told me that Hulu had all of Fruits Basket streaming for free. Still short on money, I signed up for a free account and watched all the episodes of the anime (subtitled) and enjoyed it a great deal. I also realized that there was a lot more to anime than what I'd experienced previously. The selection at the video stores in town had always been predominantly movies rather than series, and most of what they had was either by Studio Ghibli (family friendly) or by someone else and naughty.
Fruits Basket is a charming anime about a high school girl, Tohru Honda, who stumbles onto the house of the Sohma family while on her way to school. She discovers that several members of the family suffer from a curse that turns them into animals representing years of the Chinese zodiac for a short time whenever they are hugged by a person of the opposite sex.
The show contains many positive elements, including Tohru's unsinkable disposition and several gems of wisdom about the nature of self-perception, the value of bad memories, and the dynamics of relationships.
Although I would have very few reservations about recommending this show to anyone, it contains some material others may possibly find objectionable: The curse and its ties to the Chinese zodiac. Tohru talks to her late mother several times (this is common in Japanese culture) during the series. Although there is no detailed nudity, several characters appear onscreen naked when changing back to human form, and several jokes are made about the awkwardness of the situation. There are some mild swears in the show (moreso in the dubbed version).
I'm writing this from memory. Although I've watched the show once or twice since that first viewing, it has been a while since the last time.
All in all, a good show. I've seen it more than once, and I'm now collecting the manga (which says something about the quality of the story).

Did you enjoy reading about this? Drop me a comment and tell me what you think.
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The Reluctant Hermit
06 December 2012 @ 05:34 pm
Here are some notes I wrote for a scheduling software solution back when I was working retail. I don't guess I'll actually get around to doing anything else with them, so here they are.
If you're a software designer or HR manager, feel free to implement this. The workers will thank you.

Requirements Each Department/Seniority, Preference, Availability, Reserve

One source of employee dissatisfaction is that employees have no control over the times their shifts will be, beyond limiting their hours of availability, which ends up costing them shifts in most companies. While a company's need for flexibility in filling shifts is understandable, most companies make no visible effort to even try to schedule employees in shifts that will be convenient for the employees. They don't even ask what type of shifts the employees would prefer.
Now, some human resources people may feel that asking about preferences would lead to huge gaps in shift availability, but this is not true. Some people don't care when their shifts are, as long as they get a certain number of hours. Other people prefer to work evenings, some days, and some overnights. With the prevalence of computing power in the average office, building a schedule that incorporates preferences doesn't have to be an added headache for the personnel department, either.
A balancing program using the RED/SPAR balancing paradigm would actually tend to increase the number of hours the average employee puts for availability, because employees would see that the company sets schedules giving some consideration to the employee's need for a reliable schedule for planning activities during off time.
A RED/SPAR program would work by balancing the required employee coverage in each department against the availability, preferences, and seniority of each employee. First, personnel would set lasting preferences about how many employees need to be in a particular department each hour of the work week. Then, the software would offer one or more schedule suggestions based on the four balancing criteria.
First, seniority is considered and given a mathematical weight. All other things being equal, the scheduler would prefer to place the employee who has been in that department (or with the company) longest on shifts with the employee who was hired/transfered there yesterday. Seniority also resolves conflicts in criteria with lower priority, such as whether this employee or that one gets hours based on preference or just availability.
Second, preference is given a mathematical weight and compared with the needed hours. If eligible employees listed the necessary shift as their preference, they would be given the shift. This preference can be set by either setting a range of hours, or by setting one or two times that should fall within the assigned shifts, at the employee's decision. For example, Alice might set a range: 1400-2300, as her preferred shift. The software would try to place her in 2-11 shifts before placing her in shifts at other times. Bob might set a peak time of 1400, since he has no problem working 5-2 or 2-11, but doesn't want to work shifts that overlap midnight very often. Employees would also have the option of setting a radio button requesting all shifts be either evening or morning, or if swing shifts are okay, and whether they're available for overnight shifts. Preference can also include a goal for weekly hours, because some employees want to work a certain number of hours in the week, while others want to work as many as the company will give them. Preference settings also includes an option for dealing with the next level of priority, whether hours or shift time is more important.
Third, availability will be considered and given a mathematcal weight based on seniority and preference. Those shifts that could not be filled by putting people in their preferred shifts will be filled by adding them to employees whose availability covers the shift, whose preference is for as many hours as possible rather than as many shifts in the preferred times, who have been at the company or in the department longer (personnel's choice). So, Claire, who has been in the department four years and prefers hours over schedule control, gets a shift ahead of Dylan, who has been in the department three years and prefers hours over schedule control. Dylan gets a shift ahead of Ethel, who has been in the department as long as Dylan but prefers schedule control over hours. Ethel gets a shift ahead of Frank, who had the same preferences but has only been in the department for one year.
Fourth, the software allows personnel to have adequate coverage of the department without having too many people on the clock by assigning reserve shifts. Employees on a reserve shift must save the shift on their schedules in case they are needed (if another employee calls in sick, quits, or doesn't show up, or if work/customer volume requires additional workers). If the employee is needed for the shift, they will be called and expected to show up for the shift as quickly as possible, or at the appointed time, if notified more than two hours in advance. Whether or not the employee is not needed, the company will pay the employee a reserve pay equal to their standard hourly wage as compensation for being on call: two hours reserve pay for a shift the employee was not called in, or one hour for a shift or partial shift the employee did end up working. Both the employee and the company benefit from this arrangement, as the employee gets an extra amount of pay, while the company pays less for a reserve worker (two hours) than it would for having an extra employee on shift just for cushion (four to eight hours).
Using this system will increase employees' job satisfaction and save the company money and time, as well as increasing the total availability of employees who prefer a certain shift. And many employees will function better when given set shift times, so company productivity will increase.
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The Reluctant Hermit
05 November 2012 @ 12:24 pm
Sorry, everyone. I've been getting too many spam comments, so I've limited commenting to only those on my friend list. If you'd like to be added, you can send me a personal message from my profile.
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The Reluctant Hermit
14 August 2012 @ 01:18 pm
Salesmanship is the only commodity the market values inherently. All else rests on salesmanship. A few things will sell without any sales effort, without any advertisement, without any effort: people will come looking for them. But most things require some notification, some effort to interest the consumer, or at least, some effort to get the consumer to buy it here and not somewhere else.
I have never been a skilled salesman. I am a helper and a teacher, so I can do well enough in retail, but only if the consumer comes looking for the product I have. I've never been one to force myself on others or try to get someone to buy something they don't either need or want.
Does this mean I am doomed to fail at everything because I don't force my way into it? I've heard people say that pushiness is needed, in many areas of life, from job seeking to dating to advancing within a company. That may be in the secular world, but it is not God's plan for things, that the pushiest should be the only ones who prosper, and a gentle, quiet spirit will wither alone.
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The Reluctant Hermit
10 October 2011 @ 06:59 pm
Hi, all.
I wanted to let you all know that I've begun writing a book about church singles ministries, an idea I've been kicking around for a little while. My aim is to identify common mistakes and offer useful advice for how to run a great ministry to singles.
So, I wanted to ask you all, so that I have a multitude of counselors (Pr. 11:14), about things you think should be included in such a book (general topics, non-private anecdotes, guiding Scriptures, etc.).
Also, I'd like to interview as many singles and former singles as I can (via e-mail or face-to-face) about their experiences. If you'd be interested in answering questions about your experiences, please send me a PM.
Do any of you have any other thoughts about this project?
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The Reluctant Hermit
02 October 2011 @ 04:29 pm
I feel I have made a little progress in my goals since my last update, so here we go:
WIFE - I'm pursuing a couple of avenues and leads. I'm sending e-mails to someone. And I'm planning to revamp my dating site profile and maybe reanswer all the match questions. Not sure what I should say about myself. Any suggestions?
By the way, I was thinking, and I've decided that I made a huge mistake cutting all contact with my previous girlfriend. I think we could have been friends until one of us got involved. Everyone needs good friends. So, if you're reading this, I'd love to talk again.
FRIENDS - I was talking to a woman I met on that site, and she went with us on the Poland trip. When we got back, I sort of impulsively, sort of impatiently, asked her out. I liked being around her, and I thought maybe I'd develop more romantic feelings for her, but while I grew to like her more and more, it was as a sister. It took me a while to figure this out, but I'm glad to say that we're still friends, and she's a big sister to me. I went over to her house again yesterday, and we had a lot of fun watching shows on DVD and playing video games. It's nice to have a friend like that. I wish I had more.
CAREER - I got hired by a big retailer to help remodel their store, and now they've decided to keep me on, so I have a position at least through the end of the year, but I think it's a permanent position. So, I am employed. I will probably stay there indefinitely. But eventually, I'd like to work part-time and run a non-competing business on the side, so I can do work I enjoy and have a steady paycheck.
WRITING - I've given one of my books to a friend to read, and I'm hoping that talking about that will get me fired up to do some writing.
Anyway, that's the status of my major goals as of today. I hope that I've given everyone at least one thing they can respond to, even if it's just to tell me I misspelled something.
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The Reluctant Hermit
06 June 2011 @ 11:31 am
Hey, everyone.
I should have mentioned this earlier, but I haven't been getting on LJ much lately.
I'm leading a small team to Poland for a summer conversational English camp in July. I covet your prayers for this endeavor. And if you felt led to toss a few dollars my way to help defray the expenses (mostly airfare), that would be great, too.
I'll screen the comments, in case anyone wants to leave contact information.
But most important, please pray for the team. We'll be traveling most of July, starting on the 6th.

Other than that, not much going on. Hardly anyone's hiring, and nobody'd want me now, when I'm leaving for a month in a month. So, work will have to wait until after the trip. I've been watching a lot of anime in the evenings. I guess I could write about those, if anyone's interested. I've been working on various side projects, but I don't have any exciting news in any of those.
I couldn't find anything interesting to do today, so I'll probably just get my license renewed, grab a movie from Redbox, and veg out all day.

How are all of you?
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The Reluctant Hermit
So, I was on a forum, and there was a discussion of whether a woman (or anyone) should be able to turn down a date saying that they've decided to take a break from dating. And the question was raised about what if God's chosen mate shows up just after she's turned you down saying she's taking a season... and whether she would accept the chosen mate's offer of a date. I made a reply, and I'm cross-posting it here so it doesn't get lost when the forum purges its archives next year.
If you're explaining to people you're taking a season, and that's why you can't go out with them, then you should be saying the same thing to a guy who seems perfect. For one thing, he could be sent by your Adversary to pull you out of your season in an undue time. For another, if you're explaining it that way to anyone as part of turning them down, you're basically saying you've taken a vow. And the Bible is clear:
...pay what you've vowed. It's better to not vow than to vow and not pay. (Ecc 5:4b-5 paraphrased).
So, if you're really taking a season, you should maintain that season through its end no matter who comes along. If they're God's plan, they'll wait for you. But if you're not, then you should respond by simply saying "No, thank you" and not giving a reason. And if they press for a reason, you should say either that you're not interested in them, or else give them the date when your season will end.
Because if you will jump at Mr. Right if he comes along tomorrow, you're not really taking a season. You're waiting for Mr. Right, and if you don't jump at the guy asking you today, it's because you don't think he's the one, so say that instead of "I'm taking a season."
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